Body Shield's 1 Gun Lubricant for Concealed Carry

Body Shield's 1 Gun Lubricant for Concealed Carry

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ONEGUN LUBRICANTS technical staff has been developing specialized lubrication technologies for Firearms since 1991, with the onset of the Gulf War with Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm!
Onegun lubricants products are the strongest in the field! They can handle temps that exceed 1000 degrees F and -400 below zero at the same time, While handling over 100,000 PSI of pressure! With a Lubrication factor is many times that of traditional gun oils and greases! Our Dri barrier technology resist gun foul-ants like Gunpowder,Dirt, Dust and Sand, while protecting the gun too! 

Our Xtreme Bore + product was evaluated by 500 product testers from the North American Hunting Club and received their member tested award with a 96% approval rating!

Today we have all the necessary modern technologies to Clean, Lubricate and Protect all you Firearms, BB -Pellet and Airsoft Guns
for safe shooting! Clean Guns are Safe Guns!


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