Green & Pink Camouflage Body Shields on Clearance $15.00 +S&H


Chris Tokunaga

I recently ordered your holster partner product and in a world where you only hear when there's a complaint I just wanted to let you know I love your product. First of all it's beautifully made. Secondly in not a skinny man, I have a bit of a belly and so although appendix will still not be my preferred method of carry, it's actually comfortable and I could carry appendix if I wanted without the pain of my rear sight or slide in bedding itself into my torso. That's pretty much it, I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the craftsmanship put into your product. I will absolutely be referring your product to my local gun shops and friends. 
Thank you,
Chris Tokunaga

A.C. "Chip" Willaman

Larry, I recently ordered a 200RH Body Shield and it was exactly what I have been looking for. here in FL we don't wear many clothes most of the year and concealed carry can become an uncomfortable situation; sweating, rubbing, etc.. I do think I ordered a size to big for my Glock 42, [but I have been using the 200 for EDC] so I am going to order a 100RH and use the 200 for another gun. I would like to purchase 2 extra Velcro pads to use on my many holsters. Can you give me a price and I will add it to my order. Again, a perfect product.
Thank you.
A.C. "Chip" Willaman

Kevin Brown

I am the proud owner of three of your Holster Partners. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the product and also the customer service. The simple concept of you signing a thank you note really made the purchase feel personal.

I was just reviewing the exhibitor lists and was extremely pleased to see your name on the list. I would be happy to provide a testimonial for you based on 1 full year’s use alongside my sticky holster. I will be at the event for the full three days and would like to have a cup of coffee with you while I’m there. My contact information is below.

James Armstrong

Thanks Larry your product is 1st class

Brian Tierney, Detective in Chicago

Top of the morning Larry, I have been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. LOL, Larry the Holster partner has made it more comfortable to C & C thank U!!! I have been passing on your info 2 any and all who have inquired!!! I don't follow up with them though so I hope U and your Holster Partner Biz R doing Well!!!

Jessica Hazelaar, Eclipse Holsters

I did get a chance to try it out. Great concept and a great addition to the growing kydex market.

Jason Hyatt, Radio Host -The Shooter's Rest

Hey I got the Holster Partner in last week and honestly I do like it but I am wondering about the 3M Velcro attachment 
Answer: Jason I have Packin’ Partner being field tested for 18 months plus. These were early versions and they are still holding. Velcro was not sewn on as it is today

Jeffrey Beahen, Chief of Police at City of Rogers, MN

Thanks for the reference to your web-site Larry-looks like great stuff! I have sent the link out to all my officers hoping they are enthused about what they see. Great, cost effective product!

Dan Donlin, Chief of Police at Bismarck Police Department

Larry, I checked out your web page and have forwarded it to my officers. I will probably order one for my Glock G26 as I carry it concealed with an IWB holster and the butt of the gun constantly digs into my skin.

Brad Stair, Performance Guns

I will pass your info along to all my customers, great idea! 
Brad Stair

Jon Parson, HT Holsters

I have been using the leather piece that was made for the King Tuck IWB holster since I received it. I really like how it feels overall. I purposely made sure I was wearing it one night at a restaurant since I knew I would be sitting in one place for a long while without moving around much. No more pistol grip digging in my gut, no more belt clips digging in my gut, no more adjusting the holster every 5 minutes due to being uncomfortable. As someone that carries concealed by necessity but dreads doing it because it’s always uncomfortable I would say this is a great solution.

Ryan Sailer

NO MORE uncomfortable concealed carrying with this product, great innovation from a great company!! Larry Dirlam" takes the "OUCH" Out of Carrying Concealed

Carl M. Ward, President, Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Please let me know when they are available for sale. Just drive from St. Louis to Nashville and rubbed my side raw. 
Carl -Currently Available in LH or RH