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About Us

      Who is Holster Partners LLC™

After I retired, I felt I would have time to enjoy a life without pressures. That changed when I received my Concealed to Carry Permit. I did what most people do once they have decided on a gun to carry concealed, buy a holster.

I searched for a holster that would provide security for the gun and be comfortable. I bought 5 different good quality IWB holsters that claimed they were the most comfortable, yet every one failed my comfort test. SOOOOO, I stopped and determined why I was getting rubbed & poked. Then I went about trying to solve the problem.

I started with leather from an old office chair. It was too flexible so I needed to add some support. I used the cardboard from a cereal box. I glued it to one half of the leather, then I folded the leather over the cardboard. I used this to start cutting patterns. I made the first one to use with my Colt 45 4” commander. I would wear it, see how it felt and go back and improve it. I built more than 9 proto-types over 14 months, trying to get it right. At the end I had 6 pattern sizes which would work with most IWB holsters. Along the way decided that The Body Shield would be a good name.

Next step was to buy top grade leather, make a few of each pattern and get them out in the field to verify my findings. I gave several to the county Sheriff and his deputies to try. I added city police officers, firearm trainers and some regular guys that carried concealed. After 4 + months the reports came back, “it worked well for everyday carry and for both on and off duty.

My next step was to apply for a patent, and begin manufacturing.

Thank you for taking time to explore my products. I think you will come to the same conclusion; it does take the “OUCH” out of carrying concealed.

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Larry Dirlam 
Founder of Holster Partners LLC 

Maker of The Body Shield