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Contrary to what you have been told, there is no such thing as the "most comfortable holster." However that same holster with a BODY SHIELD attached, is the closest thing to pure comfort



I thought you would like to know we are very pleased with your product. We can buy any holster we want now with no issue of skin rubbing. We found N82 Tactical holsters a while ago that work just as well but they don't make one for what my husband likes to carry. Thanks to you guys problem solved! Will order again in future and spreading the word as much as possible.

Kristina Z

Hello Holster Partners  I love the idea of your product. I live in Florida, and frequently wear holsters under a T-shirt and directly against my skin. The problem I had before buying your Holster Partner product was that I would have sweat seeping into my guns. My gun quickly begin to rust if I did not field - strip them and wipe the sweat off the inside of my slide and frame every night. Your product fixed this problem, and the Velcro allowed me to remove the Holster Partner and let it dry out over night. 

Nick K

Thanks Larry your product is 1st class

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